Means a Research on Particular Product or Reason for Getting Quality Information.

Just For Example Government Do Population Counting so that Government can make their Plan Country Infrastructure according to That. These Surveys are On Paper which is having multiple answers for a Question . In Each Survey Form their is Name , Age , Qualification , Job Profile and So On. The person who is surveys are salary based employees of the company who are doing Survey.

Type of Doing Survey

Old Traditional Way A person goes to individual and meets him ask some question and Files the Answers in its Sheet. Many Restaurants do the practice to want to know the taste of the people which product is sold like the most.

Reason of Failure of Traditional Way of Doing Survey : Per Day Salary of Employee

Biggest Reason : In Most of Developed Countries Like America and Others the Peoples who

On Any Matter a Survey Can be Done . In Most of

Paid Survey

Paid Surveys

For the Surveys For Panelist are Get Paid with Money / Free Gifts.

This Type of Surveys are Done by many big companies for their products to some money is not a hard thing as companies are charging a big amount of money doing a Small Change in Product. Giving 1 Paisa to 1000's of Users to get accurate information saves manufacturing companies million of Dollars Investment. As People getting their paisa they devote to complete the survey on the priorities on daily interval they check their mail and other information updates.

No Training Need

Survey Income

In Most of the Cases Company gives Rewards as Gifts which can redeemed after Particular Points are Completed . Some Gives Money From Pay pal and Alert money Payment Gateways.

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